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Arts and Crafts Fair is Open!

Everybody loves to be surrounded by beautiful things. Beauty means different things to different people, but we all transform our space into things that give a sense of peace, a reflection of our individual values. Whether we are trying to enhance our images, create a sense of balance and well-being through the use of feng shui, or just put a smile on our faces when we walk into our homes, we need a place to find the pieces that will do just that. The best way to do that is by investing in handmade arts and crafts. We hope that the best place to find those is this site.

Amber picture

Framed amber picture

There are framed amber pictures of scenery that will take your breath away. Amber is a semi-precious gem, believed to have magical properties, that when mixed with paint is used to create amber pictures. You can’t just look at these pictures, you get happily lost in them.

Let’s not forget about adorning ourselves! We have a wide selection of handmade gemstone jewellery that is totally unique. The vibrant colours and incredible designs will delight even the most discriminating tastes.

The tapestries onĀ  can completely change a room from one you walk through without notice to one that pops.

These woven textile beauties are available in many different forms. There are tapestries for framing, tapestry tablemats, placemats and tea towels. The colors are vibrant, and the detail on the designs will add unsurpassed elegance to your home.

For a delicate elegance in your home, while adding a bit of whimsy, look at the crystal figurines. Beautiful little animals and geometric prisms enhance any room, no matter the decor. Crystal figurines also make a treasured gift.

If holistic healing is of interest to you, the properties of each gem in the gemstone jewellery line is described on the website.

Good luck!

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