How To Clean Your Crystal Figurines

When you buy rock crystal figurines either for yourself or for a friend or member of your family, it’s important that you do some research into how best to keep them clean so they can always stay beautiful and sparkly on your shelf for years to come. If you have a huge collection of these little figures, you need to make sure you’ve set out enough time for the cleaning process.

Buy Rock Crystal FigurinesYou don’t want to start such a project, get halfway through and then run out of time – only half your collection will look good as new and will show up the rest of them, which will look dirtier by comparison. You should also try not to rush as these products can be fragile and you don’t want to break them. You might also want to wear a pair of cotton gloves to avoid getting sticky fingerprints on your figurines.

Make sure that you use a good-quality window cleaner that isn’t abrasive or a cleaning solvent when polishing up your figurines as you don’t want to damage them. Use different soft cloths for cleansing, polishing and drying so you know that you’ll end up with a piece that looks as good as new once you’ve finished. You also need to make sure that you give your cabinet or shelf a good clean as well, so take all your figurines out of the cupboard and then give it a thorough wipe down. This will mean that your figures stay clean for much longer.

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