Dimitri’s Gallery

We have the pleasure to introduce Dimitri, a very talented artist who lives and works in London, UK.

About Dimitri

Dimitri was born in Tbilisi, Georgia in 1974. He started to draw at the age of five and has never gave up this activity since. His childhood encounter with outstanding Georgian scenic designer Solomon Virsaladze made a lasting impression on him.

Dimitri has been trained as a scenic artist (mainly costume) at the State Institute Of Culture under the supervision of Nikoloz Ignatov. He has also been tutored privately by Gia Bughadze and other well known Georgian artists.

After his arrival in London in 2002, Dimitri took part in a free drawing workshop lead by wonderfully creative visual artist Oscar Romp. The workshop has resulted in an exhibition which presented works of all the participants including Dimitri’s.

Dimitri has designed set and costumes for various theatre productions, but when it comes to visual expression, his first love is graphics. He enjoys working with pastels, pencils and water colour. Dimitri has also illustrated his own Tarot deck.