All You Need to Know about Chrysoprase Gemstones

If you’re thinking you’d like to buy gemstone jewellery – either for yourself or as a really meaningful present for that special someone in your life – then you could certainly do a lot worse than by investing in a beautiful piece made using chrysoprase, a gorgeous stone that is well known for its healing […]

Happy Mother’s Day!

As we approach the end of March, it’s common for sons and daughters all around the world to be caught en route to the store to pick up late Mother’s Day gifts. While most mothers are kind enough to let us off the hook for such poor planning and selfish behaviour, others are not quite […]

Jewellery And Gems

When it comes to jewellery in 2016, colour is the King! You can find your own stylish ear candy here, both bright and beady or, if big and bold isn’t your thing, then there are plenty of free-spirited earrings to be found! Feel free to take a peek at metal patterned butterfly earrings, each set […]

What a Handbag Can Mean to a Woman

To a woman, a handbag is not just a bag for carrying things. Different women may have different opinions about handbags. Their personal preferences can also run from simple to something as unique as a handcrafted piece, complete with shells and woven pattern as decorative features, but no woman is without a handbag. And that’s a fact.

Gift Options: Photo Frames are out, Tapestries for Framing are in

These days, giving a photo frame for any occasion can be considered a crime. One might not say it outright, but photo frames as gifts are too old school. They no longer evoke that jovial feeling as they did in the past. Framed tapestries, however, will have the opposite effect. One of the elements that […]

What’s So Great about Giving Wooden Calendars? Apparently, a Lot

With our Balinese wooden calendars, there’s more than a thought that went into their creation. Wood carving, after all, is an artisanal process that involves the use of a cutting tool and expert carving skills. The detail on the topper is proof of the level of care and craftsmanship that went into every piece. So even if you bought it online, the workmanship involved more than makes up for the ease of purchase.

Valentine’s Day gifts for Her and for Him

We have a wide variety of unique handmade presents which are perfect for Him or Her on Valentine’s Day . It does not matter who you are buying for, we will have a crafted item which will act as the perfect solution to your mental block in finding a present!

Why Go Arts & Crafts For Mothers Day?

With Mothers Day around the corner you are probably already wondering what to get your mother for Mothers Day this year. Last year it was a bunch of flowers, the year before a pot plant, maybe some jumpers or smellies… but Christmas was just a few months ago, she still has the delicious smelling products […]

£17bn To Be Spent This Christmas, Survey Says!

How much are you planning to spend on Christmas gifts this year? If one survey is to be believed, you’re likely to blow hundreds of pounds on your family and friends, with the average spend per person reaching £383. According to MoneySuperMarket, people aged between 18 and 34 are likely to spend £397, while those […]

Be Unique With a Handmade Gift

Shopping for that perfect present can be very tricky and particularly time consuming but there’s really nothing better than finding the right thing and watching someone unwrap it just to see that look of amazement on their face – and the best way to secure present success is to buy handmade gifts. There is so […]

Online Christmas Shopping Is Where It’s At, Apparently!

It seems as though many of you are keen to avoid the hordes of Christmas shoppers out in their droves this year and will be choosing to buy Christmas gifts online instead. Apparently,  two-thirds of you are intending to buy at least half of all your gifts on the internet this year, with just four […]

Halloween Party Goods

Spooky Boots Dinnerware Invent some cuteness to your spooky Halloween party. Serve your guests the mouth watering delicacies in Spooky Boots dinnerware. The Spooky Boots party plates small and large, Spooky Boots party cups, Spooky Boots party napkins and the Spooky Boots party plastic table cover would present more eeriness and fun to parting witches […]