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Tapestry Cushion Covers

[feather_share] Be it interior designing or simply beautiful living, tapestries are important home decors that makes your home a place that radiates happiness and love. Be it a luxurious rustic living room or a simple living room with only a few furniture, these tapestry cushion covers can bring it a unique sense of thematic beauty. […]

Wood Carvings from Indonesia

[feather_share] Balinese Wood Carvings The art of wood carvings has always fascinated the mankind and dates back a few millennia. In this field of handicraft the artisans mould chunks of wood into majestic and the exquisite masterpieces.From common man to emperors wood carvings have been loved and placed in a higher position among other varieties […]

Bird Houses – Handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia

Bird houses make absolutely fantastic gifts to somebody, whether it’s a garden ornament or just something to help complete a look they have at home. Your Crafts Fair has a stunning collection of custom crafted bird houses from Indonesia that you can use to decorate the house and give your little friends somewhere to stay, […]

Gifts for him

Men are notoriously tough to buy for, so when it comes to finding a unique gift for him it can become quite frustrating. From outstanding pictures that depict scenes of true joy and peace to a variety of unique tapestries and ornaments, you will find something that your man will appreciate. Giving a hand crafted […]

Gifts for her

When you are trying to find great gifts for your mum, girlfriend, wife or sister it can get quite frustrating. We have devised a list of quality jewellery and accessories which are totally different to anything else you are likely to find elsewhere, whether it is online or otherwise. Give your lady something she will […]

Embroidery Pictures

Have you ever walked into a room and just smiled? These whimsical framed embroidery pictures will make you do just that. These cross stitched critters will add a fanciful and colourful piece to any room or decor. The art of cross stitch has no origin that we can trace, it seems to go back to the beginning […]

Gemstone Jewellery

There is not a single woman on earth who does not love and desire gemstones. The connection between women and gems is something that is rooted deep down in generations. The vivid colour range and unique pattern of each gemstone are the reasons why gemstone jewellery are loved by all women over jewellery made of […]

Gemstone Trees

500 years ago the Japanese started bringing live trees inside their homes. Today we beautify our surroundings with miniature trees made of gems. Using a variety of base material and a carefully selected variety of gems, these trees are thought by many to have healing qualities or enhance different areas of your life. Citrine is […]

Candle Holders For Christmas

[feather_share]  Escape to the luxury of serenity in your own residence with our magnificent yet simple candle holders. Light the candles of enlightenment and bring out the beauty of a dim light on your special moments and events. The majestic candle holders made out of finest black marble, onyx and fossil stones would come to […]

Earrings Collection

Earrings are never regarded as a mere jewel; it is a statement of ones passion and tastes. Beautiful earrings are adored by ladies. The value of a pair of earring goes far beyond its monetary value; its true value is the beauty that it adds to a pretty face. No matter whether earrings are made […]

Wooden Jewellery

Wood has always inspired the jewellery industry in its own ways for its distinct texture, shades and even fragrance. Women with an eye for classic rich looks have always been lovers of wooden jewellery. Our exotic range of high-class wood jewellery is inspired by the western and orient influences. The extraordinarily talented crew of artisans […]

Wall Tapestries

[feather_share] This classic type of art is a form of textile art. Extremely skilled weavers produce majestic art on a textile with ultimate care and diligence to offer you a range of bewitching tapestries. The history of tapestries date back a few centuries. In past, beautiful tapestries were hung in palaces and mansions as a […]

Crystal Figurines

For those who love delicate elegance, crystal figurines are a draw at any art fair. You can find an exquisite collection of animals, landmarks, instruments, flora and people. Crystal is glass with added sand, soda ash and limestone. Also up to 24% of lead could be added to the glass to enhance the brilliance and add […]

Greeting cards

Greeting cards can be used in so many different styles and fashions – whether it’s new neighbours, a birthday, seasonal greetings or even a promotion – and this is what makes the variety of the cards we offer so special. You can get a quality, hand crafted card with unique artwork and a close, delicate […]

Bead Jewellery

Bead jewellery is highly fashionable and preferred by fashion and style lovers all over the world for their diversity and uniqueness. They come in all shapes and sizes with glowing or matte superficial properties. Our store features a rich series of bead jewellery made with excellent artistry and exquisite workmanship to bring to you a […]

Tapestry Tablemats, Placemats and Tea Towels

Homemaking is an art. Every home has its own unique way of presenting itself. Interior designing, furnishing and all create a combined effect on the art of living. Tapestry, an icon of luxury living, is no more a luxurious good for you to dream about. High quality handmade tapestries for your home are available in […]


Scarves are a hugely popular fashion accessory, and we have a large range of different scarves that are unique. Whether you know somebody who frequently wears a scarf or just somebody who would appreciate a fine piece of clothing, then look no further. Scarves have been used for many years and they provide a classy and […]

Folding Hand Fans

Folding Hand Fans have been an important accessory of every woman since very old times. The variety of materials, designs and colours of the folding hand fans can satisfy every woman’s taste: they could be made from bamboo or timber, silk, cotton or paper, the colors could be bright or dark, they could be hand-painted or have […]

Framed Amber Pictures

Another new trend becoming popular in decorating are amber pictures. Amber is a sticky resin that oozes from pine trees and over time fossilizes into what we know as a semi-precious gem. With its majestic properties and unique characteristics, amber makes the perfect addition to any artwork collection to really take your designs to the next level. […]

Crystal Bead Jewellery

Thinking about what to buy for your lover on your next anniversary? What are your criteria? Uniqueness? Value? Suitability? No matter what your concern is, elegant crystal beads jewellery are going to match your need perfectly. These jewellery exhibits such standards of artistry and meticulous design. Finest workmanship and beauty combined create an effect, which […]

Bali collection – Indonesian wood carvings, bags, fans, boxes

The marvel of Balinese fine art (though there are many elements that are exceptional for this certain fine art form), is that the products are sculpted, covered, woven, and created to embellish and decorate something that is used in on a daily basis, not simply as works of art. Every Balinese handmade item that you […]

Wooden Home and Kitchen Accessories

For those who enjoy the outdoors, these carved beauties are the perfect way to bring a little of the outdoors into your home. These are exquisitely carved wood accessories. They are even more deeply appreciated when the type wood used is understood. Birch is a very hard and solid wood, thus making carving small pieces very […]

Framed Pictures

Framed pictures make an excellent centrepiece or compliment for any room, and our various designs are created to do just that. Give your room a whole new focus or direction with our outstanding framed pictures that are completely unique. Pictures are an ideal way to really change up the entire dynamic of the room, so look […]

Jewellery Boxes

Jewellery boxes can be an incredibly important gift for somebody who holds a personal attachment with many objects. It’s hard to get a keep track of all of our favourite garments and possessions, so make it as easy as possible for somebody you care about with one of our hand-crafted jewellery boxes. Jewellery is something […]

Halloween Party Goods

Halloween Party Goods Get ready to treat your loved ones into the spookiest Halloween party they have ever been to. The exclusive Halloween party goods collection available at Your Craft Fair would be the perfect selection if you were looking for something extra special for a reasonable price. Celebrate this years Halloween with style and […]

Women’s bags from Bali

These are beautiful and unmatched women’s bags in various styles and sizes and adorned with shells, embroidery, or sequins among other items. These bags come in a variety of colors and uses, from dress-up, to everyday use, to a trip to the beach.