What a Handbag Can Mean to a Woman

To a woman, a handbag is not just a bag for carrying things. Different women may have different opinions about handbags. Their personal preferences can also run from simple to something as unique as a handcrafted piece, complete with shells and woven pattern as decorative features, but no woman is without a handbag. And that’s a fact.

Men may not understand it. Some people may want to find a scientific explanation behind it. But it could be just a matter of practical use and fashionable options.

What a handbag may represent to a woman?

Status symbol
Handbag is to women what a car is to men. It is one way that some of them advertise the kind of life or career they are experiencing. If you can afford it, why not flaunt it? Women today are said to be more sensible with their finances than they were before, but a handbag is still number one on their shopping list.

To be one with a particular crowd
A designer bag tends to make a woman feel like she belongs to a particular crowd. It also signals to other people as to which group they belong to. So don’t be surprised if there is a proper way of carrying a designer bag, which is hooked over the wrist and palm held upwards.

As a form of “compensation”
It has been said that the bigger the bag, the bigger the void in a woman’s life that needs to be filled. But it is also possible that they buy a huge handbag, because they have plenty of stuff to bring. And nothing feels just as good, knowing that what you need is close at hand. Buying a bag may be a compensatory purchase, but if it can help you relieve stress without going broke, then there’s really no problem with it.


Regardless of what a handbag means to you, it is undeniably a necessity. Why do you think handbags come in many shapes and sizes? Because the aim is to address a woman’s varying needs, and serves as a statement piece as well.

What better way to make a statement than to buy handcrafted bags? There’s something fascinating about arts and crafts woven and sewn into something functional. There are benefits to handcrafted women’s bags as well.

  • Use of quality materials. You can bet on this.
  • Excellent workmanship down to the tiniest detail. This, right here, screams passion and dedication to deliver exceptional products.
  • Gives a sense of uniqueness. Your choice of handcrafted bag could be a rare find. Not to mention, exotic to a degree.

So go ahead, splurge. Reward yourself with a handbag or two.

If you want to combine arts and craft with your choice of bag, go for handcrafted products that are not only utilitarian, but also artistic and unique.

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