Jewellery And Gems

When it comes to jewellery in 2016, colour is the King! You can find your own stylish ear candy here, both bright and beady or, if big and bold isn’t your thing, then there are plenty of free-spirited earrings to be found!

Feel free to take a peek at metal patterned butterfly earrings, each set designed and handmade by a gifted artist.

2016 Runways are even seeing an ingenious joining of silk scarves and jewellery, making a single, drool-worthy piece. Try your hand at it with any of the lovely scarves — or even those you have already in your own closet!

Gems are more than simply birthstones or beauty-enhancers; in fact, they each have a long history as charms, messages, and therapies fraught with deeper meanings. For example, hematite’s name is derived from the Greek word for blood. Hematite is coal black or grey and shiny on the outside with a cooling smoothness on the skin. It has been used as a protective charm throughout history, and according to Feng Shui it is a grounding stone that calms and clears the mind.

Surprisingly, if you were to break this weighty black stone open, you would find that it is blood red on the inside. What a beautiful secret!

Another gemstone, chrysoprase, has a minty apple-green colour that can resemble jade. Ancient Greeks believed that this gem could secure a happy marriage and good health. Frederick the Great prized this gem above all others, having many of his household items and gifts crafted out of it. Alexander the Great always wore a chrysoprase on his belt, and it has been said that his success in battle was due to that one little stone. Its warm, clear light and vibrant colour make it an excellent choice to wear as jewellery or to design with.

Pearls are not formed inside the earth, but rather are grown, delicately and over years, in the ocean. They were incredibly rare and difficult to find until the 1900s, when a way was discovered to cultivate them ourselves. Many ancient cultures had rules about who could wear pearls and who couldn’t due to their rarity and value. The Greeks had a legend that pearls were the tears of the Gods; in fact, many cultures since have associated them with mourning and the mute expression of sorrow. Another meaning to be found in pearls is that of purity and union. Pearls are often associated with true love, weddings, and perfection. They have a beautiful, reserved sort of lustre to them that is like nothing else. Did you know that there are many colours of pearl? They can be black, gold, pink, brown, white, and also sometimes in unusual natural shapes.

These are only a few of the myriad of gemstone colours available for you to express your unique style to the world. Wearing jewellery is all about expression, shape, and meaning.

Have a look at the expertly crafted jewellery here at Your Crafts Fair for more inspiration — and maybe your perfect match!

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