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What’s So Great about Giving Wooden Calendars? Apparently, a Lot

The best gift has very little to do with the price tag, and more about the thought that went into its selection. This is why generic gifts tend to disappoint recipients. But you have to admit that gift shopping is rocket science. At least this is what some people think. Well, what if you can find an item that seems generic, but not?

The best example? Wooden calendars.

Now do you see why it’s generic but not?

Calendars have now become freebies, especially during Christmas and New Year. This is why its popularity as a present is zilch. They’re not exactly something you’d wrap and put a bow on it.

But the Balinese wood calendars we offer are a category on their own. They tell you the day of the month, but in a more creative and attractive way. Cute cats, dogs and turtles carved out of a piece of wood, and set on top of the wooden calendar make for a great table-top accessory. So it’s not only functional, but beautiful as well.

Why give a Balinese wooden calendar

Not just the thought that counts

With our Balinese wooden calendars, there’s more than a thought that went into their creation. Wood carving, after all, is an artisanal process that involves the use of a cutting tool and expert carving skills. The detail on the topper is proof of the level of care and craftsmanship that went into every piece. So even if you bought it online, the workmanship involved more than makes up for the ease of purchase.

Perpetual calendars

Unlike printed calendars, the days and months of the wooden calendar are not tied to a particular year. This means you can use and re-use it for as long as possible. No need to buy a new one at every turn of the year, although no one can stop you from starting a collection of these beautiful and functional perpetual calendars.

Versatile pieces 

The wooden calendars serve more than one purpose. It not only works as a decorative calendar, but also as a paperweight and a display feature. They won’t get blown away, but help keep paper on the table when the wind blows. Their decorative design and intricate details also make them worthy of a spot on your desk or display case.

So this Christmas season, give the gift of a “new day” every day with our Balinese wooden calendars. Decorative pieces that cost less, but priceless in purpose.

Calendars serve as a reminder of the cycles of life – birthdays, holidays, special occasions, etc. Might as well remember it with flair, right?

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