10 Best Handmade Gifts Ideas

When we think of giving someone a gift, we want to give something heartfelt. The best gifts are handmade gifts. They are unique, they are personal. We offer exquisite one-of-a-kind items that will please anyone on your gift-giving list.

For the woman in your life:

We can also offer alluring and eclectic earrings. This jewellery would be cherished by any woman! Please have a look at gorgeous gemstone, crystal and wooden necklaces and bracelets.

Wood carvings
If you want to give a whimsical gift, try a wooden handcarved item from Bali. There are calendars held by adorable wooden animals, pet food dish holders, bird feeders and soulful statutes. Though not large items, they will be conversation pieces in any home.

handmade gifts - cat calendar

Cat calendar

Embroidery pictures
A divine handmade gift is an embroideried picture. These cross-stitched gems are of comical critters and will brighten up any space in a home.

A great handmade gift idea is a woven bag. These are beautiful and unmatched woven bags in various styles and sizes and adorned with shells, embroidery, or sequins among other items. They come in a variety of colors and uses, from dress-up, to everyday use, to a trip to the beach.

For the man in your life:

Wooden business card holder
Great handmade gift ideas for that special man include a wooden business card holder. Not only is it hand-made, it is made in the shape of a hand!

Wooden bottle holder
Any man would enjoy a wooden bottle holder in the shape of a dolphin. These are also handcarved from Bali and beautiful pieces.

For a man or a woman:

Amber paintings
Paintings made with genuine amber nuggets mixed into the paint make radiant pictures. They come in different sizes and range from scenery to animals to shipwrecks

Gemstone Trees
These miniature trees handmade of gems are thought to have healing properties or life-enhancing properties.
Birch wood wooden accessories
Made from birch, these napkin holders, candle holders and trivets bring the passion of the outdoors into the home.

Commemorate a recent trip to the beach with a beautiful shoreline painting. It’s sure to bring a smile to anyone’s face.

These are just ten of the many handmade gift ideas. Take a look! It’s certain you will have a hard time picking just one item.

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