Top 5 Craft Hashtags On Social Media

Indonesian wood carvings

Top 5 Craft Hashtags On Social Media

Indonesian wood carvingsIf you’re a designer-maker trying to make a living out of selling your handmade wares, you’ll know just how competitive the market is becoming around the world – sites like Etsy and Folksy have meant that we’re all fighting for the same consumers and getting anyone’s attention is particularly difficult.

Luckily, the internet isn’t just a great place to set up shop and try to sell your products – it’s also a brilliant place to connect with like-minded people who are facing the same daily struggles you are as a small business owner… and they’re easy to find thanks to the wonder that is the hashtag.

If you’re on Twitter in the UK at 19:30 on a Wednesday, for example, then you’re in the perfect place to take part in #handmadehour. On until 21:30 every week, it’s a great opportunity to network and show people what you’re making and what you have to sell.

Or if you’re thinking that now is the perfect time to make the move from the world wide web to your first-ever bricks and mortar shop, check out #emptyshops, which is used to advertise vacant premises in town centres and the high street. Pop-up shops are really popular at the moment, so if you’ve got an original product range that will capture people’s imaginations, why not get involved?

Instagram’s great for designer-makers as well, because your posts are purely visual so it’s the ideal platform for marketing your products – and lets you show people a bit of behind-the-scenes action from your studio or craft room as well. Tagging your work with #instacraft will allow a huge number of people around the world to see it, with over 69,000 posts tagged in this way.

For sewists all over the world, #talknt on Twitter is a great one to follow – particularly if you’re new to the craft and have lots of questions about just where to begin. And then there’s #crafterminds, also on Twitter, which is for crafters across all disciplines who just want to chat, share their projects and promote their products.

For a bit of arts and crafts shopping inspiration, see what Indonesian wood carvings and other handmade products we have for sale.


Dan Webb, Wood Carver Extraordinaire

Dan webbWhen it comes to wooden carvings, there aren’t many out there who can do it better than Seattle-based artist Dan Webb, who really knows his way around a lathe and chisel, producing some seriously beautiful and intricate works of art that constantly astound and impress.

Dan – who is fast becoming known as the wood wizard of Seattle – transforms old logs into incredibly lifelike figures, a practice he sort of fell into after working as a carpenter for a few years upon graduating from the Cornish College of the Arts having done a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

His works are entirely captivating (although seeing them in real life is a must for you to get a true understanding of just how good he is at carving). Fortress, for example, is an incredibly detailed piece that depicts two young children hidden beneath a blanket, with just their shoes poking out from beneath, inspired by Dan’s own children.

People do feature in his work but they tend to be quite fragmented, either a pair of shoes, a single arm or just one leg, or even just the suggestion of a person, such as his Sleeper sculpture, which is a pillow carved out of wood with the indentation left behind of the sleeper’s head where it once lay.


One of our favourite pieces of his is I Love You, an incredibly realistic carving of a balloon that just seems to float along, with its ribbon trailing on the floor. If you have the chance to see a Dan Webb exhibition, grab it with both hands – the things this man can do with wood have to be seen to be believed!

If you like Dan’s work, you’ll love our Indonesian wood carvings, so have a quick perusal of our site to see what you can find.

Trivet made out of Birch Bark

Wooden Home and Kitchen Accessories

Trivet made out of Birch BarkFor those who enjoy the outdoors, these carved beauties are the perfect way to bring a little of the outdoors into your home. These are exquisitely carved wood accessories. They are even more deeply appreciated when the type wood used is understood. Birch is a very hard and solid wood, thus making carving small pieces very difficult. Juniper is a rare wood to buy, and has lots of knots. Finding pieces to carve is quite a feat, and it has such an aromatic smell. Warm your environment with these wonderful wooden accessories.

Three cats

Balinese Wood Carving and Other Handicrafts

Bali is the land of artisans. There probably is no other place on earth who’s primary industry is handicrafts. Through the love of their fertile grounds and their devotion to their gods comes some of the best handmade items available. Just a few of these items are carvings – stone and wood, basket weavers, jewellery makers, and ceramic and terracotta crafters. Different villages are known for their unique handcrafted arts. If traveling to Bali is not on your agenda, below are a few of the items available for export. But for now, take a trip with me through Bali, and we will discover the treasures these talented natives have to offer.

Wood carving

Almost one hundred years ago, the people of Bali began a new type of wood carving that caters to tourists. This began in two areas, Mas and Sebatu, and those locations are still premier wood carving sites. Galleries are abundant in these areas for the sale of wooden products at prices anyone can afford. Some of the more popular wood carvings include wooden flowers, masks, boxes and nameplates, wind chimes, and many more items. We have a wide variety of Balinese wood carvings on this site. You might be interested in this abstract lovers figure, or Dolphin bottle holder, or maybe you just want to browse all wood carvings that we have.

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Stone carving

There is a village near Batubulan, Bali that is the mecca of Balinese stone carving. While the carvings may, at first glance, look like cast cement, they are actually hand carved out of soft, porous rock made from volcanic ash. One might find carvings of animals, sculptures and surprisingly, modern art.

Silver and Gold

Travel to another part of Bali to the village of Celuk to find gallery upon gallery of silver and goldsmiths. Whether you are looking for traditional Balinese silver ware or modern, contemporary designs, the artisans in Celuk use a process which involves attaching gold to the surface of silver to make gorgeous pieces.

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Other arts and crafts

Other areas of Bali can provide you with baskets, puppets, instruments, furniture and textiles just to name a few. Travel to the outlying islands to find various other treasures.

Java is known for leather works, Lombok for their large pots, other islands manufacture anything from bronze statutes to brass bowls. If shopping for quality handmade items is on your bucket list, you will fall in love with Bali and her sister islands.