Tapestry Cushion Covers


Tapestry Cushion Covers


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Be it interior designing or simply beautiful living, tapestries are important home decors that makes your home a place that radiates happiness and love.

Be it a luxurious rustic living room or a simple living room with only a few furniture, these tapestry cushion covers can bring it a unique sense of thematic beauty.

Made with the finest material to ensure durability and match with luxurious standards, you can select the cushion covers that will suit your home from a series of cute to elegant designs.

The Cat’s Life Tapestry Cushion Cover Series

Cat’s life tapestry cushion cover series features four adorable designs of a pair of cats living through spring to winter. These designs are certain to remind you of fairy tales that took you away in your childhood. Once you have one of the four of these cushion covers you will need all the three of the rest as well.

The four cushions together completes the picture of the cute pair of cats in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Not only your children, you and your neighbours will also fall in love with these irresistibly beautiful cushion covers. All the Cat’s Life tapestry cushion covers come in the size 17 x 17.5 inches.

Cute Kittens and Cute Puppies

What is a home without a cute kitten or a puppy? These animals are bundles of joy and love sent from heaven. Tapestry cushion covers designed with beautiful patterns and pictures of cute kittens and puppies are just meant for you if you are an animal lover concerned with beautiful home making. You have the ultimate freedom to select high quality tapestry cushion covers of your choice from a series of different designs of lovably posing kittens and puppies. These cushion covers are going to bring such love and happiness to your living room no matter how small or big it is.

Flowers and Vintage designs

Your home is a picture and you are the artist drawing it. Follow what your heart says and you will make your home the most beautiful picture in your life. It’s all about combining ideas to make your living room a unique place that differs from all the other living rooms in the world. Tapestry cushion covers with flowers are a great choice if your heart falls for vintage classics. They create a picture of elegance that tinges with other decors in the place to subtly radiate a solemn high class living.


Wood Carvings

Wood Carvings from Indonesia


Wood Carvings

Balinese Wood Carvings

order-1The art of wood carvings has always fascinated the mankind and dates back a few millennia. In this field of handicraft the artisans mould chunks of wood into majestic and the exquisite masterpieces.From common man to emperors wood carvings have been loved and placed in a higher position among other varieties of ornaments. As a leading online craft fair we take the pride in presenting you the trendiest pieces of exquisite wood craftsmanship to decorate your homes and offices with class. The best chunks of wood are processed before sculpting to ensure the longevity of the carvings. Scroll and feast your eyes through our elegant carvings made by our team of skilled artisans.

Perpetual Calendars

The elegant perpetual calendars that feature cute animals will always be the perfect gift for anybody during the Christmas season. Let the ambience of the season get mixed with the delicate calendar.Show your love and affection to your loved ones with one of these trendy wood carvings for an amazing price. Choose from an array of beauties that would sooth your eyes for the rest of the year.

Abstract Figures

One of the most sought after categories of our classy collection. The abstract figures that convey their devoted love to each other would be the perfect gift for your special someone as a souvenir of your precious love and care. Let the exquisite figures speak for your ardent love and passion on your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, his or her birthday.


Every home and office has its own aura of cosiness and beauty. Add a bit more class to your home or work place with these adorably fashionable ornaments that are been carved taking great care in adding every single detail. No matter what your age is, no one can resist falling in love with these wooden artefacts.

Wine Bottle Holders

Be the proud owner of one of the most majestic looking wine holders. The elegant carvings would add more glamour to your wine display within a few seconds. Be prepared to impress your guests with tantalizing wines that are been held in trendy wooden wine holders.

Money Boxes

Pig tills were a must have a few years back and the memories of your younger age where you collected coins in coin boxes would surely put a smile on your lips. Rekindle those beautiful memories everyday by getting hold of one of our exotic wooden money boxes.
Apart from the above wood carvings we do have business card holder, food bowls and many more products you would love to check upon. Come, visit our online fair and shop until you have everything you want.
Fair trade Indonesian bird house

Bird Houses – Handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia

Bamboo Bird House (Medium)Bird houses make absolutely fantastic gifts to somebody, whether it’s a garden ornament or just something to help complete a look they have at home.

Your Crafts Fair has a stunning collection of custom crafted bird houses from Indonesia that you can use to decorate the house and give your little friends somewhere to stay, as well. We pay close attention to the details of the houses to make sure that the bird feels as comfortable as possible when it makes claim to its new home.

If you are looking to pick up a stunning, personalised gift for somebody then our bird houses can be the perfect solution. Just take a look at the selection to below to find many unique variations. You could invite birds into your garden by providing special areas to nest. A bird house is an excellent substitute for a tree hole and several species would use it. Which one you entice will depend upon the place, the type of  bird house and the size of the doorway opening.

Try to attach bird house facing north and east, to stay clear of direct sunshine and the wet winds.  Put it in a place where it’s quiet and out of  reach of pet cats, typically between 2 and 5 metres up a tree or fence or even wall surface. Tilt the bird house ahead slightly to make sure that rain falls on the roof and does not go into the box. Put different types of bird houses  in various places around the yard. For example, put open-fronted bird houses low and hide them well in plants to attract robins and possibly wrens.





Gifts for him

Dollarphotoclub_4727260Men are notoriously tough to buy for, so when it comes to finding a unique gift for him it can become quite frustrating. From outstanding pictures that depict scenes of true joy and peace to a variety of unique tapestries and ornaments, you will find something that your man will appreciate. Giving a hand crafted present is sure to really make your husband, your boyfriend, your brother or your father smile when it comes to finding something unique and easily appreciated.

Tapestry Cushion Cover with two cute red kittens

Gifts for her

Tapestry Cushion Cover with two cute red kittensWhen you are trying to find great gifts for your mum, girlfriend, wife or sister it can get quite frustrating. We have devised a list of quality jewellery and accessories which are totally different to anything else you are likely to find elsewhere, whether it is online or otherwise. Give your lady something she will truly cherish with our unique gifts for her.

Framed Cross Stitch Embroidery picture of a cat in a red dress

Embroidery Pictures

Framed Cross Stitch Embroidery picture of a cat in a red dressHave you ever walked into a room and just smiled? These whimsical framed embroidery pictures will make you do just that. These cross stitched critters will add a fanciful and colourful piece to any room or decor. The art of cross stitch has no origin that we can trace, it seems to go back to the beginning of civilization. A newer trend, ribbon embroidery, makes beautiful pictures. The framed ribbon picture is gorgeous with it’s bright colors and 3D design.

Embroidery has the potential to turn even the dullest of rooms into an elegant and artistic place to sit. Your Crafts Fair prides itself on offering a truly unique service that covers everything from more childish drawings to brighten up a kids bedroom to more artistic pieces that create something a little more puzzling for the viewer. If you want to move away from the traditional art that people prefer, then these embroidery pictures could be the best thing for that!

We work with a skilled embroidery team who have creative hands and minds to develop photos that show true bombastic images that are fit to bring any room back to life. We love to add dynamism and character to our pictures, as it can help a room transform completely. If you are looking for this type of artistic development within your home, or you need the perfect gift for a friend, then these framed embroidery pictures will be ideal.

Find out more about embroidery here


Gemstone Jewellery

elegant fashionable woman with jewelryThere is not a single woman on earth who does not love and desire gemstones. The connection between women and gems is something that is rooted deep down in generations. The vivid colour range and unique pattern of each gemstone are the reasons why gemstone jewellery are loved by all women over jewellery made of other material.  If you were to impress a woman ever, gemstone jewellery would do the trick. The semi precious stones used in our collection is beautifully cut and polished flawlessly to add more beauty to your feminine figure.

Our stunning range of jewellery is always crafted by the well-experienced artisans in the field. Each piece is handmade and accurate to the detail. Jasper, Pearl, Onyx, Mother Of Pearl, Agate White, Carnelian, Chrysoprase, Obsidian, Olivine, Hematite, Tiger Eye and Serpentine semi precious gemstones are been blended together to produce striking necklaces and bracelets. Different shapes and colours make it possible for you to pick jewellery for any occasion from our classy array. Hesitation might lead to disappointment. Purchase your jewellery

Gemstone Necklaces

The necklace collection in the store is a modern and traditional fusion. The more classical necklaces with single or dual strings of perfect circular shapes of Pearls, Agate White, Carnelian, Chrysoprase stones are loved by the middle aged, older women and the ladies seeking for classy necklaces for formal occasions. The contemporary styles include off-cut Serpentine, Jasper, Obsidian and Olivine gemstones mixed together or featured separately to cater the younger women and women who need something unique to go with an evening dress. No matter what you choose, our handmade glamorous necklaces will put you in the limelight wherever you go.

Gemstone Bracelets

Girls who love to add a funky look to their clothing and the ladies looking for a magnificent piece of statement jewellery all are invited to shop at Your Craft Fair gemstone jewellery collection, to select the bracelet that suites you the most. A range of vibrant bracelets made out of Hematite and pastel colour beads are available in the store for the funky lovers. For the more matured ladies with an eye for more elegant jewellery, the range of Pearl, Obsidian, and Chrysoprase bracelets are available in our collection.

Gemstone Jewellery Sets

For the ladies who prefer to have their jewellery as a set, a limited number of jewellery sets are available. Pick yours before someone else does!



Gemstone Tree / Black obsidian

Gemstone Trees

Gemstone Tree / Black obsidian500 years ago the Japanese started bringing live trees inside their homes. Today we beautify our surroundings with miniature trees made of gems. Using a variety of base material and a carefully selected variety of gems, these trees are thought by many to have healing qualities or enhance different areas of your life. Citrine is used for wealth, jade for health, rose quartz for love, orange and yellow carnelian for ambition, drive, and emotional warmth, and for healing – the mysterious power of black obsidian.

The beauty of these miniature trees is limited only by the artist’s imagination. The base of the tree can be anything from a vase to a piece of marble, quartz, crystal or wood, the trunk and limbs are normally copper wire, and the gem leaves are an unlimited array of beauty.

Candle Holders

Candle Holders For Christmas


Rose Quartz Candle Holder

 Escape to the luxury of serenity in your own residence with our magnificent yet simple candle holders.
Light the candles of enlightenment and bring out the beauty of a dim light on your special moments and events.

The majestic candle holders made out of finest black marble, onyx and fossil stones would come to your hands with a promise to bring a rare bliss to your home no matter what.

The candle holders with an amazing price would definitely be a thoughtful addition to your beautiful home décor.

Fossil Stone Candle Holders

Travel back in time and witness and be a part of the habitation that once reigned on this planet.These natural antiquities are far beyond beautiful; they are spectacular and add a timeless beauty to your hall, corridors, pantry, or even to your bedroom.

The naturally textured elements have been

carefully and skilfully converted in to majestic elephants, contemporary rectangular and D shaped candle holders that would ignite the ambience with one, two or three candles. Choose out of the range to suite your taste of elegance and class. We ensure that whatever may your choice be, it would be worth the price you pay.


Black Marble candle Holders
Could you ever expect that crystallised carbon minerals could be sculptured into such beauties? The classy and opulent look in the natural marbles collected from all corners of the earth are been crafted into beautiful candle holders. No matter what time of the year or the place it is, these candle holders will ensure to bewitch your guests whenever they see them. The exquisite candle holders come with a sense of modernisation with their geometrical shapes of spherical, rectangular,cylindrical and D shaped appearances. Make your home a cosy place where candle lights play games when you and your loved ones enjoy each other’s company.


Onyx Candle Holders
Renowned as one of the most famous gem stones worldwide, a candle holder made out of onyx would be a beautiful addition to your home décor. If you are planning on surprising a friend with a gift, this would be an excellent choice. The exquisite appearance and the beauty of the onyx stone’s texture has been carefully captured and heightened in the form of D shaped candle holders to add extra beauty and elegance to your hallway, office and bedroom. Let your love and inner peace grow as a sweet scented candle burns in an exquisite onyx candle holder.




Earrings beads black and metallic mix

Earrings Collection

Earrings beads yellow and metallicEarrings are never regarded as a mere jewel; it is a statement of ones passion and tastes. Beautiful earrings are adored by ladies. The value of a pair of earring goes far beyond its monetary value; its true value is the beauty that it adds to a pretty face. No matter whether earrings are made out of diamonds or beads, gems or synthetic pieces of glass, the fact that it enhances the true feminine grace of a lady at anytime and anywhere is what matters the most. Browse through our wide range of hand-made earrings to choose the perfect pair for the right occasion, time and face. Show your love to a special lady in your life with a classy pair of chandeliers, gemstone designs or hoops from Your Craft Fair.

Bead Earrings

An array of vibrant bead earrings is available at Your Crafts Fair to satisfy all your earring needs. This trendy range of earrings is ready to suit a funky outfit as well as an elegant evening gown. Be envied by your friends with a unique style of beads dangling down your ear lobes. Impress your colleagues with a stylish yet simple pair of bead hoops during your work hours.

Wooden Earrings

Wood earrings carry a tribal aura with a mysterious but classy look blended into it. Our collection of wooden earrings would be the ideal choice for an outfit with an oriental touch. Different shades of wood chunks and beads have been mixed together to accentuate the beauty of the wooden earrings.

Bead and Metallic

Mix the colourful bead and metallic fusion is a definite choice for funky lovers. Bead and metallic mixes have been specially loved by the teens and the young population. Your Crafts Fair offers you the most enchanting pairs of bead metallic mixes for an extremely reasonable price. Do not forget to stop at our online store to buy your special someone a pair for her next birthday.

Stone Earrings

Loved by women of all ages in all times, stone earrings have gained its popularity among all generations. The synthetic pieces of glass and semi precious stones have been converted into fascinating earrings that has the power to transform your looks from ordinary to gorgeous within minutes. Irregular pieces of yellow opal, obsidian, olivine, mother of pearl are ready garnish your appearance in any occasion.


Shop at Your Crafts Fair online store for beautiful earrings at amazing prices.




buy wooden jewellery

Wooden Jewellery

Neckace + Bracelet made from wooden ballsWood has always inspired the jewellery industry in its own ways for its distinct texture, shades and even fragrance. Women with an eye for classic rich looks have always been lovers of wooden jewellery. Our exotic range of high-class wood jewellery is inspired by the western and orient influences. The extraordinarily talented crew of artisans ensures to practice perfection when creating these beautiful pieces of jewels.

The best quality well seasoned wood used in crafting these jewellery are taken from varies sources like indigenous wood chunks, antique furniture and even whiskey barrels. Highly qualified artisans transform these chunks of wood into smooth bracelets and necklaces to add glamour on special functions as well as to make a statement upon your day-to-day wear. Come; visit the collection of elegant wooden jewellery at Your Crafts Fair to choose the best for the love of your life. Our wooden jewellery comes with an surprisingly low price tag. Make your move before it is too late!

Wooden Necklaces

The range of perfectly designed necklaces could draw attention to your beautiful neckline in an instance. Wooden beads, rings, balls, tear drops of different shapes, sizes and shades are been blended artistically to offer you excusive designs. If you are looking for a simpler yet classy necklace to match with your office wear, try the necklaces made with wooden balls and beads of multiple shades. Necklaces with more details, rings and beads would be the ideal choice to pair with a gorgeous evening dress on a glamorous function.

Wooden Bracelets

There is nothing more striking than a beautified slender arm for women. The unique bracelets made of wooden balls of different shades would make you look stunning in any outfit in no time. Each shaded ball in the bracelet is made from a different variety of wood, which has its own signature texture on it. If you have one of these meticulously designed bracelets, you do not need any jewellery more to look your best. The colour and texture of wooden bracelets allow you to match it with a number of outfits. Add a wooden bracelet to your shopping cart today to surprise the lady who makes you feel special!


Wall Tapestries


This classic type of art is a form of textile art. Extremely skilled weavers produce majestic art on a textile with ultimate care and diligence to offer you a range of bewitching tapestries. The history of tapestries date back a few centuries. In past, beautiful tapestries were hung in palaces and mansions as a statement of grandeur and wealth.

order-1Even after centuries, tapestries are still being able to kindle a flame of opulence wherever it is hung.

Decorate the walls of your home with tapestries to invite a cosy feeling and a sense of opulence. Use a tapestry at your office or workplace to impress your clients and employees with status.

Never fail to check out our brilliant weaving done by the most skilled weavers in the country.

At present, most of the people tend to frame tapestries rather than hanging them on the wall.

This increases its life span in multiple folds while retaining its elegance for prolong periods of time.

The tapestries we have speak volumes of emotions through their beautiful weaving.





Crystal Figurines

Rock Crystal Paper Weight FrogFor those who love delicate elegance, crystal figurines are a draw at any art fair. You can find an exquisite collection of animals, landmarks, instruments, flora and people. Crystal is glass with added sand, soda ash and limestone. Also up to 24% of lead could be added to the glass to enhance the brilliance and add weight. Lead also makes the glass more malleable for cutting into crystal figurines. Colors such as pink, lilac, lavender, red, blue and green can be added to the crystal to lend detail to the figurine.

Crystal figurines have been a source of artistic pride and beauty for many years. They tend to be of iconic origin, and we try to emphasize the beauty in all of our crystal figurines. As we look to create true art rather than just generic souvenirs, you can find a varied style of different crystal figurines here on Your Crafts Fair. This lets you find a crystal figurine that truly provides you with the style and theme that you want and desire, not settle for something similar.

We operate with the full knowledge and experience to create true crystal figurines that have an authentic, radiant feel to them. We take extreme pride in the work created here, and look to ensure that your crystal figurines give you that same pride. These make the perfect gifts for anybody who enjoys rare and cultured artwork, or they can be the ideal finishing piece to complete your artwork at home.

Read more about figurines here

Handmade Boofle Christmas Card with insert

Greeting cards

Handmade Boofle Christmas Card with insertGreeting cards can be used in so many different styles and fashions – whether it’s new neighbours, a birthday, seasonal greetings or even a promotion – and this is what makes the variety of the cards we offer so special. You can get a quality, hand crafted card with unique artwork and a close, delicate touch added to each card for any occasion. We sell a wide selection of cards to give you as many different feels and styles as possible, to make your card picking job as easy as it could possibly be.

Greeting cards are mass-produced mainly but we try and create small batches of unique designs so that you get the best chance possible to find something that genuinely suits what you are looking for. Whether it’s an anniversary card, a promotion for a friend or something a bit more dramatic like a new child being born, we provide you with a list of hand-crafted cards that tell a rich story as well as bring a unique craft and charm to proceedings.

If you are looking to pick up affectionate and personal greeting cards, then you have come to the right place. We can help you do just that, and with a nice selection of cards in different styles, themes and colours you can get something just right for whoever it is you wish to provide greetings for. Greeting cards have been used for many years now and brings a huge deal of inspiration from many old civilizations and cultures long since passed.

If you want to pick up a greeting card that tells a different story from all of the generic ones you have considered, then Your Crafts Fair can provide you with what you are looking for.

Find out more about greeting cards here



Grey bead necklace

Bead Jewellery

Grey bead necklaceBead jewellery is highly fashionable and preferred by fashion and style lovers all over the world for their diversity and uniqueness. They come in all shapes and sizes with glowing or matte superficial properties. Our store features a rich series of bead jewellery made with excellent artistry and exquisite workmanship to bring to you a product of ultimate quality and standard. Uniqueness is one major factor that is taken into consideration when designing an accessory. We have adopted the same policy when designing our series of bead jewellery. Being rather classy and conventional, we create value on our products with elegance and subtle beauty.

Our bead jewellery collection boasts finest quality necklaces, bracelets and pearl brooches, which are all meticulously designed with care to make sure each and every accessory is up to the quality standard we maintain. We do not tolerate flaws in our designs since we are dedicated to offer our customers only genuine products. We create value in providing our customers with best quality products. In our belief, a satisfied customer is the basis for success.

We offer a series of highly diverse bead jewellery for you to select form a range of different colours, shapes and designs. These are universal accessories, which you can wear for both formal events and casual occasions. Polished beads are highly reflective that they can emphasize bodily features and their beauty. In addition to that, dark bead accessories are rather conspicuous and can bring more attraction to you making you look more outstanding in any occasion. Their uniqueness will astound you and make them feel more personal. Accessories a person wears reflect his or her attitude and emphasize them. Wearing classy bead jewellery will show off your unique beauty with an added elegance.

Bead jewellery is definitely an excellent gift idea. Jewellery gifted is a precious memento to keep in heart forever. Gift your lover a stunning bead necklace on a special occasion to prove your love for her. Beads symbolize preciousness and purity. There isn’t a more romantic gift to make your lover feel loved and cared. Among other things, despite their glossy and attractive nature, bead jewellery costs less than most other jewellery accessories. For the money you pay, these items are all worthy. Add to your personal collection a couple of bead jewellery to experience the difference. High quality bead jewellery accessories are available at very affordable prices.


Lace Doily

Tapestry Tablemats, Placemats and Tea Towels

Round Placemats x 6 with blue flowersHomemaking is an art. Every home has its own unique way of presenting itself. Interior designing, furnishing and all create a combined effect on the art of living. Tapestry, an icon of luxury living, is no more a luxurious good for you to dream about. High quality handmade tapestries for your home are available in different designs for you to select. Tapestries were used as symbols of the noble centuries ago. Woven textile art was used to make tablemats, placemats, cushion covers and tea towels etc. Creativity and artistry added to tapestries made them more of home decors rather than household utensils. We offer a series of unique and exquisite tapestry products at our online store for you to select to match with your living room theme.


Tapestry placements

Finest quality tapestry placements come in packs of six classy pieces decorated with matching patterns. Both round and square type placements are available. Good quality material is used to ensure high usability and durability of these products. Select from an array of different patterns and colours available as per your need. Vintage floral patterns are for universal use. They will decorate your living room and dining room equally.


Tapestry tablemats are cues of luxury living as mentioned previously. More than their primary use as tablemats, these are used as home decors. Tablemats come as one piece products in round shape or square shape. These are all high quality handcrafts made with assured quality. Tablemats are also available in round and square shapes with a range of different patterns. Oval shape tablemats are a new addition to our tapestry tablemat series. All have been woven paying such attention to every detail on the mat. Finest quality material ensures durability of the tablemats along with their high usability.

Tea Towels

Another household utensil, yet extra special and designed with more focus on the art of living. Tapestry tea towels are meant for a rustic setting, however they suit as a décor in your living room or dining room equally. Floral patterns on the tapestry tea towels feature vivid color beautiful vintage flowers matching the background.

Tapestry tablemats, tea towels and placements are all great gift ideas. They are high quality and absolutely unique in presence. Highly recommended for house warming parties and homecomings. Select from an array of tapestry products online to select the best matching items as per your requirement.


Turquoise Purple Flower Scarf


Turquoise Purple Flower ScarfScarves are a hugely popular fashion accessory, and we have a large range of different scarves that are unique. Whether you know somebody who frequently wears a scarf or just somebody who would appreciate a fine piece of clothing, then look no further. Scarves have been used for many years and they provide a classy and stylish way to blend your clothing together and keep you warm at the same time.

Folding Hand Fan

Folding Hand Fans

Folding Hand Fan

Folding Hand Fans have been an important accessory of every woman since very old times. The variety of materials, designs and colours of the folding hand fans can satisfy every woman’s taste: they could be made from bamboo or timber, silk, cotton or paper, the colors could be bright or dark, they could be hand-painted or have only one colour.

A folding hand fan could be a wonderful little present for every woman or girl as an excellent way to keep  cool in when it’s hot or as an exclusive and special house decoration. The origin of this popular and unique artifact is rather uncertain. It could be presumed that its origins can be traced to ancient times, when people found out about fire and tried to use any kind of object to blow air and keep the fire alive.  Because of creative and artistic portrayals of this object, we now understand that fans were widely used by Egyptians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks and Romans.  The earliest known depiction of it in Egypt is in a ritualistic hammer that can be seen at the Ashmolean  Museum of Oxford. It belonged to pharaoh Narmer, that lived around 3000 B.C. and for the very first time unified low and high Egypt. This depiction shows several royal servants, two of them are carrying the handheld fans.

As time went by, folding hand fans came to be a decorative objects with an unique and distinctive meaning.

Your Cratfs Fair offers you a collection of handcrafted colourful Folding Hand Fans from Indonesia.


Framed Amber Pictures

Amber pictureAnother new trend becoming popular in decorating are amber pictures. Amber is a sticky resin that oozes from pine trees and over time fossilizes into what we know as a semi-precious gem. With its majestic properties and unique characteristics, amber makes the perfect addition to any artwork collection to really take your designs to the next level. If you want to guarantee that your artwork has something different to it, something to truly alternate the image, then amber pictures are the best way to do just that.

Originally used in Russia, Lithuana, and Poland, genuine Baltic amber nuggets are used along with paint to create amber pictures. These pictures range from scenery to animals to shipwrecks. It has long been believed that amber holds a magical, sacred properties. Looking at amber pictures with the gorgeous golden hue, one might become a believer.

Amber is a popular item to be used in jewellery and pictures because it creates such a unique quality about the image behind. It’s natural beauty was noticed in the Neolithic times, and has held a huge value within the art community ever since. Its used in everything from fragrances to folk medicines, and holds a rich position within many different cultures through human history. If you want to make sure your artwork is covering all bases, then you need some framed amber pictures in there to really complete the set!

Find out more about amber here

Necklace black crystal bead

Crystal Bead Jewellery

Necklace black crystal beadThinking about what to buy for your lover on your next anniversary? What are your criteria? Uniqueness? Value? Suitability? No matter what your concern is, elegant crystal beads jewellery are going to match your need perfectly. These jewellery exhibits such standards of artistry and meticulous design. Finest workmanship and beauty combined create an effect, which radiates the high quality of these special jewellery items. You have the ultimate freedom to choose the best jewellery that matches your requirement from a series of dark matte jewellery to shining and sparkling articles. A jewellery is a gift that means eternity and beyond. There is no better gift that can replace the specialty of jewellery. Jewellery is to be forever remembered and cherished.

Crystal bead accessories are made using modern state-of-the-art technology to make a special and rather personal addition to your jewellery collection. Necklaces and bracelets made with crystal beads reflect your attitude and the unique beauty in you. Wearing jewellery is an art of making bodily features more intense and emphasized. Another significant feature of crystal beads jewellery is their considerably low price. Buy it for yourself or gift it. Either way, crystal beads jewellery is a perfect alternative for stylish and highly valuable jewellery.


Crystal bead necklaces are special for their high quality material and exceptional workmanship. Style is one major factor whereas quality is another parameter. These necklaces are worth the last penny you spent on them. Be it a very formal occasion or a casual rendezvous, a crystal beads necklace around your neck will make you look ravishing and gorgeous. All of our crystal beads necklaces are designed with a personal touch by experts in the art of jewellery making. Our concepts are far from the conventions of all time jewellery designing. Our crystal bead necklace series features highly fashionable accessories from which you can pick the necklace of your choice and make it yours today.


A crystal bead bracelet is a symbol of pure elegance. Beyond the conventional limits of jewellery designing, these bracelets have been made with multiple concepts combined to make them feel more personal. It will bring you a unique sense of pride and confidence to stand out among the rest. Our exclusive crystal beads bracelets series features an array of diverse articles of different designs and colours from which you can pick the bracelet that speaks to your attitude.


Hand Carved Figure lovers/heart from light wood

Bali collection – Indonesian wood carvings, bags, fans, boxes

Hand Carved Figure lovers/heart from light woodThe marvel of Balinese fine art (though there are many elements that are exceptional for this certain fine art form), is that the products are sculpted, covered, woven, and created to embellish and decorate something that is used in on a daily basis, not simply as works of art.

Every Balinese handmade item that you buy is not just a beautiful work of art and masterpiece of workmanship, but  a really useful item (though they are far too beautiful for everyday use). Your Crafts Fair specializes in offering a high-end Bali collection due to our knowledge and experience in the culture of Balinese arts. With a depth of knowledge and an understanding of what makes these wood carvings so special, we want to bring forward the unique beauty of a very unique style of art.

We make sure that craftsmanship is to the very highest level on all items sold, and that the quality of your Bali collection items will be at its best. These effective and beautiful designs offer usability as well as a unique design rarely seen elsewhere in the world. With a grand design offering a real take on an art style lost to many, this acts as the ideal gift for somebody who you know appreciates artwork and handmade crafts. Bali collections are of a Hindu origin and stem back many years in style, although today they still look as beautiful as ever.

Find out more about Balinese Art here

Trivet made out of Birch Bark

Wooden Home and Kitchen Accessories

Trivet made out of Birch BarkFor those who enjoy the outdoors, these carved beauties are the perfect way to bring a little of the outdoors into your home. These are exquisitely carved wood accessories. They are even more deeply appreciated when the type wood used is understood. Birch is a very hard and solid wood, thus making carving small pieces very difficult. Juniper is a rare wood to buy, and has lots of knots. Finding pieces to carve is quite a feat, and it has such an aromatic smell. Warm your environment with these wonderful wooden accessories.

Framed Picture of a beautiful seascape in a handcarved frame

Framed Pictures

Framed Picture of a beautiful seascape in a handcarved frameFramed pictures make an excellent centrepiece or compliment for any room, and our various designs are created to do just that. Give your room a whole new focus or direction with our outstanding framed pictures that are completely unique. Pictures are an ideal way to really change up the entire dynamic of the room, so look through our selection and find a way to totally change how your room looks.

Framed images have been used for many years as the very epicentre of the room, and the quality of the frame can also be used to accentuate the photo and make it look even better. It might even be to protect the image, but frames always add another level of elegance and zest to a photo, that really brings it out from the rest of the images. If you are looking for direct art that sticks out from the crowd, then our selection of framed pictures is the perfect place to get started.

Boasting elegance and class, you can really change the direction of an entire room with just one framed picture from our gallery. We cover many styles, themes and ideas to make sure that no matter what you are looking for and how intense you would like the art to be, we have something that matches and compliments your own vision. Browse through our framed pictures and see why the frame makes such a big difference!

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Set of 3 Jewellery Boxes

Jewellery Boxes

Set of 3 Jewellery BoxesJewellery boxes can be an incredibly important gift for somebody who holds a personal attachment with many objects. It’s hard to get a keep track of all of our favourite garments and possessions, so make it as easy as possible for somebody you care about with one of our hand-crafted jewellery boxes. Jewellery is something that you never want to lose or misplace, and our spacious boxes come with eye-catching designs and separate compartments inside, as well as varying sizes.

Once known as a casket, jewellery boxes come in many styles and sizes, as well as unique textures and formats. We provide a variety of different trinket boxes that let you choose how modest or elegant you wish to go. We take real care and precision with the designs that we create for jewellery boxes, and have an immense pride in the quality of the outcome. Taking inspiration from many parts of the world, our jewellery boxes will enhance any display while keeping your most valuable goods safe and secure.

Whether it’s for one key piece of jewellery or the full set, we have something that will suit everybody here. If you want to pick up a classy jewellery box, then just pick from our list below with various styles and sizes available. Even if you just want to pick this box up as a decorative object for a friend – or for yourself – then our jewellery boxes work as excellent ornaments as well as widely functional cases for your prized jewellery.

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Halloween Haunted Table Decorations Kit 12.5”

Halloween Party Goods

Halloween Haunted Table Decorations Kit 12.5”

Halloween Party Goods

Get ready to treat your loved ones into the spookiest Halloween party they have ever been to.

The exclusive Halloween party goods collection available at Your Craft Fair would be the perfect selection if you were looking for something extra special for a reasonable price. Celebrate this years Halloween with style and glamour.

Be the host of the most exiting Halloween party in the neighborhood.

Spooky Boots Dinnerware

Invent some cuteness to your spooky Halloween party. Serve your guests the mouth watering delicacies in Spooky Boots dinnerware. The Spooky Boots party plates small and large, Spooky Boots party cups, Spooky Boots party napkins and the Spooky Boots party plastic table cover would present more eeriness and fun to parting witches and monsters.
The cute kitty, witches boots and the broom could always kindle the feel of Halloween among the hearts of the guests. Specially the kids would enjoy eating their Halloween treats in Spooky Boots plates and sipping beverages from the Spooky Boots cups. A Spooky Boots party plates and cups pack has 8 pieces in each. In addition, the Spooky Boots napkin pack comes with 16 2-ply paper napkins. Lay all your scrumptious food and beverages on the Spooky Boot party plastic table cover. Add the complete Spooky Boot collection to your cart today to entertain your guest to the fullest.

Halloween Décor

You do not have to place real pumpkins in your doorway anymore. Why deal with messy issues when you could decorate your doorway and garden with inflatable Halloween pumpkins? The authenticity and ambience of an actual carved Halloween pumpkin is offered for a much lower price with our inflated pumpkins.
Send chills down your guests’ back when they reach the table to grab a sandwich. The Halloween hunted table décor is the perfect décor you could used to accentuate the creepiness of your Halloween party.

Halloween gifts

Greet your friends and family members with a special gift from our Halloween gift collection. Neon bat toys, spider rings would be the best choices you could think of to give goose bumps all over the receivers’ skin.
The Halloween crackers available in our collection could bring joy to your heart every time you hear a guest shrieking with joy once the tiny treat is found. Treat yourself, your friends and family with Halloween gifts that would engrave beautiful memories in their hearts.


Woven bag V design

Women’s bags from Bali

Woven bag V designThese are beautiful and unmatched women’s bags in various styles and sizes and adorned with shells, embroidery, or sequins among other items. These bags come in a variety of colors and uses, from dress-up, to everyday use, to a trip to the beach.