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Tapestry Cushion Covers


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Be it interior designing or simply beautiful living, tapestries are important home decors that makes your home a place that radiates happiness and love.

Be it a luxurious rustic living room or a simple living room with only a few furniture, these tapestry cushion covers can bring it a unique sense of thematic beauty.

Made with the finest material to ensure durability and match with luxurious standards, you can select the cushion covers that will suit your home from a series of cute to elegant designs.

The Cat’s Life Tapestry Cushion Cover Series

Cat’s life tapestry cushion cover series features four adorable designs of a pair of cats living through spring to winter. These designs are certain to remind you of fairy tales that took you away in your childhood. Once you have one of the four of these cushion covers you will need all the three of the rest as well.

The four cushions together completes the picture of the cute pair of cats in spring, summer, autumn and winter. Not only your children, you and your neighbours will also fall in love with these irresistibly beautiful cushion covers. All the Cat’s Life tapestry cushion covers come in the size 17 x 17.5 inches.

Cute Kittens and Cute Puppies

What is a home without a cute kitten or a puppy? These animals are bundles of joy and love sent from heaven. Tapestry cushion covers designed with beautiful patterns and pictures of cute kittens and puppies are just meant for you if you are an animal lover concerned with beautiful home making. You have the ultimate freedom to select high quality tapestry cushion covers of your choice from a series of different designs of lovably posing kittens and puppies. These cushion covers are going to bring such love and happiness to your living room no matter how small or big it is.

Flowers and Vintage designs

Your home is a picture and you are the artist drawing it. Follow what your heart says and you will make your home the most beautiful picture in your life. It’s all about combining ideas to make your living room a unique place that differs from all the other living rooms in the world. Tapestry cushion covers with flowers are a great choice if your heart falls for vintage classics. They create a picture of elegance that tinges with other decors in the place to subtly radiate a solemn high class living.


Lace Doily

Tapestry Tablemats, Placemats and Tea Towels

Round Placemats x 6 with blue flowersHomemaking is an art. Every home has its own unique way of presenting itself. Interior designing, furnishing and all create a combined effect on the art of living. Tapestry, an icon of luxury living, is no more a luxurious good for you to dream about. High quality handmade tapestries for your home are available in different designs for you to select. Tapestries were used as symbols of the noble centuries ago. Woven textile art was used to make tablemats, placemats, cushion covers and tea towels etc. Creativity and artistry added to tapestries made them more of home decors rather than household utensils. We offer a series of unique and exquisite tapestry products at our online store for you to select to match with your living room theme.


Tapestry placements

Finest quality tapestry placements come in packs of six classy pieces decorated with matching patterns. Both round and square type placements are available. Good quality material is used to ensure high usability and durability of these products. Select from an array of different patterns and colours available as per your need. Vintage floral patterns are for universal use. They will decorate your living room and dining room equally.


Tapestry tablemats are cues of luxury living as mentioned previously. More than their primary use as tablemats, these are used as home decors. Tablemats come as one piece products in round shape or square shape. These are all high quality handcrafts made with assured quality. Tablemats are also available in round and square shapes with a range of different patterns. Oval shape tablemats are a new addition to our tapestry tablemat series. All have been woven paying such attention to every detail on the mat. Finest quality material ensures durability of the tablemats along with their high usability.

Tea Towels

Another household utensil, yet extra special and designed with more focus on the art of living. Tapestry tea towels are meant for a rustic setting, however they suit as a décor in your living room or dining room equally. Floral patterns on the tapestry tea towels feature vivid color beautiful vintage flowers matching the background.

Tapestry tablemats, tea towels and placements are all great gift ideas. They are high quality and absolutely unique in presence. Highly recommended for house warming parties and homecomings. Select from an array of tapestry products online to select the best matching items as per your requirement.


tapestry placemats

Hot Craft Trend: Ikat

tapestry placematsEveryone’s heard of tie-dye, or at least they have if they’ve been paying any attention to the arts and crafts world over the last few months (we love that the 70s have been enjoying such a revival!), but chances are that you’ve yet to come across its distant cousin, ikat – a similar method that results in delightfully unique and vibrant designs.

The word ‘ikat’ means to tie or bind and, although originally first used to describe the process of tie-dying in a certain way, it has since begun to be used to refer to the resulting textiles – which, we think we can all agree, are absolutely beautiful. It’s no wonder that this traditional craft is becoming more and more popular as time goes on.

Once the threads have all been dyed and weaved together to make absolutely stunning patterns and prints, they can be turned into anything your crafty heart desires. Traditionally, repeated patterns like cypress trees and ram’s horns were seen on cloth that reflected the long-standing motifs seen in central Asian art, but while these are still admired and are undeniably gorgeous, the craft has been given a seriously contemporary twist in the last couple of years.

One designer making seriously cool moves in the ikat department is Ptolemy Mann, who uses these traditional skills to make modern fabrics, furnishings, bed linen, cushions, rugs and throws. We’re particularly keen on her new range of lampshades produced alongside Copper & Silk, which would be a very funky addition to any living room anywhere.

We caught up with the folk at Copper & Silk to find out more about ikat and what it’s all about. “We love the exotic flair that ikat lends to any interior – instantly energising the space. We love it best in bright pops of colour and contemporary patterns, although the traditional weaving process is fascinating as well,” the team told us.

So what do you think about ikat? We can’t get enough of the contemporary look and feel to it, mixed perfectly with the traditional skills the practice requires. While we don’t have any ikat products on our site at the moment, we’re sure you’ll like our tapestry place mats just as much so have a peek to see what takes your fancy.

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Arts & Crafts Helping Refugees

tapestry table matsWe all know about the healing power of arts and crafts, and how good it can be for your health and wellbeing but now certain traditional skills are being used to bring joy to the life of refugees in Syria and those stuck in the middle of the crisis to help them deal with the difficulties they are currently facing.

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent project, based in Dwailaa, teaches women weaving, knitting and other crafty pursuits in a bid to help people support their families and escape the pressures of their daily lives. Not only does the pastime allow them to make friends and meet others in similar situations, but it also gives them the opportunity to make money by selling their baby blankets, mobile phone holders, carpets and scarves.

“We start the sessions as teachers and students but soon we all become friends. Some of the women become so skilled they are able to help the others and pass on their knowledge,” Rasha Al-Tally, one of the project workers, was quoted by the British Red Cross as saying.

In 2011, a study conducted by the University of Glasgow suggested that crafts like quilting are incredibly good for us, allowing people to really find an outlet for their creativity. The bright colours crafters typically work with when making these items are uplifting and, because it is often done in a big group, the practice can really give people’s confidence a boost where social interaction is concerned as well.

As you can see, there are many different reasons for turning to arts and crafts as a hobby, so why not see where your particular skills lie? If you don’t feel quite ready, have a look at our shopping pages and perhaps buy some tapestry table mats to see if you feel inspired.

Needles Out For The Innocent Big Knit

yarnThere’s no better reason for delving into your knitting bag than to do your bit for charity (and certainly no better reason to learn to knit in the first place!), so if you want to give a little bit back this year and use your talents for the greater good, get involved with the innocent Big Knit.

The drinks company teams up with Age UK every year (and has done so for the last decade, in fact), to knit up lots of tiny little woolly hats (3,000 in total!) to help raise money for the charity.

Each hat that is made is stuck over the lid of an innocent smoothie bottle and for every one sold, 25p is donated to Age UK, with the cash then going to help older people stay health and warm during the winter and the rest of the year.

What a brilliant campaign! We’ve seen all the little hats on bottles in shops at around this time of year in the past and can’t wait to get involved. (We’re going through our yarn stash right now, as we type!) If you want to join us and use your wonderful knitting skills for a truly worthy cause, you’ve got until November 10th to finish your hats and get them sent in.

You can find patterns at The Big Knit website, or you could also start designing your own patterns for people to use and share them on Twitter or Facebook. For each hat pattern that is shared, 10p will be donated to Age UK.

What knitted products would you like to see in our shop? Let us know here, then take a look at our other soft craft products (like tapestry cushion covers) that we have for sale. You never know what you might find!


Lucy Sparrow's Felt Corner Shop

Felting activityThe arts and crafts community is a very inspired one and we’re constantly marvelling at the things you all get up to time and time again, but we’ve been particularly wowed by artist Lucy Sparrow, who this month decided to set up her own corner shop, with everything made from felt!

Those of you out there with a keen interest in buying crafty pressies for people should think about hotfooting it off to east London so you can check out the shop (although you’ll have to be quick about it as it’s only open for a few more days, shutting up on August 31st).

What a brilliant idea, although we’re sure it must have taken Lucy an absolute age to stitch together the 4,000 items that are currently on display. If you do make it to the store in time, you’ll find that everything is for sale, although don’t expect typical corner shop prices. A pint of milk will set you back the princely sum of £20!

Lucy’s art installation hasn’t just been about showing off her sewing skills and bringing craft and fine art together. There have also been community workshops put on to help people build up their social skills and also encourage them to think more about the demise of the once booming corner shop industry.

We can’t think of a better way of bringing local communities together than getting them all sat down working on something arts and crafty, can you? We’re very much looking forward to seeing what Lucy does next. We might not have felt products like hers in stock right now, but you’re sure to get a kick out of our tapestry cushion covers, so have a little look before you go.


King Of The Knitted Swingers!

There’s quite a lot of monkey business going on at the moment, with Richmond-based knitting group The Knitwits offering their skills and time to help raise money for local charity the Vineyard Community Centre by knitting lots of monkeys and other jungle creatures, and depositing them around Hill Rise.

Their chosen charity does valuable work in the local area, looking after people in crisis as well as managing the Richmond foodbank, so it’s a very worthy cause and one that certainly deserves as much support as it can get.

tapestry cushion covers

Guerrilla knitting – the typically anonymous act of placing handmade pieces in public spaces (also known as yarn bombing or yarn storming) – is growing in popularity, with all sorts of knitwear popping up in towns all over the UK, and indeed the world… so keep your eyes peeled as you make your way through life!

Pioneered by the amazing Magda Sayeg (who’s yarn bombed stairs, buses and statues in her time), this form of street art is capturing people’s imaginations everywhere and it’s not hard to see why. Because wool is biodegradable it’s great for people who want to take ownership of public spaces without getting in trouble or causing any damage, so watch out for yarn bombs on your way about town. Popular places include branches of trees and fences, although if you want to do it yourself check the wool content of your yarn as some types can actually damage the trees.

For further yarn bombing inspiration, check out the likes of Deadly Knitshade and Knit the City, who all very firmly believe in enhancing public spaces by adorning them with wool.

We may not have any guerrilla knitting artifacts in stock right now but you could have a look at some of our lovely tapestry cushion covers instead.