Valentine’s Day gifts for Her and for Him

As we approach one of the most vibrant and commercialised holidays of the year, are you stuck in present limo?

Valentine’s Day can actually become extremely frustrating for some. Money can be tight at the start of the year, you’ve used up all of your mojo finding the world’s best Christmas present, and you are running out of ideas. This is the plight of many people – both male and female. However, rather than succumbing to the clichés and pick up the usual order, why not go for something far more unique and thoughtful?

We have a full range of outstanding  Valentine’s Day gifts. As well as this, our usual product range carries the same level of significant and quality – after all, beautiful gifts are beautiful gifts!

We have a wide variety of unique handmade presents which are perfect for Him or Her. It does not matter who you are buying for, we will have a crafted item which will act as the perfect solution to your mental block in finding a present!

Wood Carvings

Wooden Carvings

Indonesian Wood Carvings

We carry various Valentines presents, even especially for cat lovers. Our product range around this time of year has many feline objects and crafts that would make the perfect gift for anybody with a love or respect of cats.

As well as this, we carry many outstanding wood carvings which are from Indonesia. The world has so many different cultures and styles in our work that it would be criminal not to look elsewhere, right? This is why we try to give such a huge list of different objects from all across the globe.

Whether you wanted to capture a specific theme or style with our handmade Canary Islands jewellery, or think one of our many Russian tapestries would be something your other would like, we have something for everybody.

You no longer need to stand in long queues with the same presents as everybody else under your arm!

With our help, you can find genuinely inspirational and unique products and gifts for your loved one.

handmade jewellery

gemstone jewellery


Nothing says you love them like the time spent finding a truly unique gift, and this is just right for anybody searching for that!

So take the stress out of your Valentine’s Day gift hunt and make the right choice to come and see our fine selection available here.

We make sure that we offer the best quality, nothing else.

wooden calendar

What’s So Great about Giving Wooden Calendars? Apparently, a Lot

The best gift has very little to do with the price tag, and more about the thought that went into its selection. This is why generic gifts tend to disappoint recipients. But you have to admit that gift shopping is rocket science. At least this is what some people think. Well, what if you can find an item that seems generic, but not?

The best example? Wooden calendars.

Now do you see why it’s generic but not?

Calendars have now become freebies, especially during Christmas and New Year. This is why its popularity as a present is zilch. They’re not exactly something you’d wrap and put a bow on it.

But the Balinese wood calendars we offer are a category on their own. They tell you the day of the month, but in a more creative and attractive way. Cute cats, dogs and turtles carved out of a piece of wood, and set on top of the wooden calendar make for a great table-top accessory. So it’s not only functional, but beautiful as well.

Why give a Balinese wooden calendar

Not just the thought that counts

With our Balinese wooden calendars, there’s more than a thought that went into their creation. Wood carving, after all, is an artisanal process that involves the use of a cutting tool and expert carving skills. The detail on the topper is proof of the level of care and craftsmanship that went into every piece. So even if you bought it online, the workmanship involved more than makes up for the ease of purchase.

Perpetual calendars

Unlike printed calendars, the days and months of the wooden calendar are not tied to a particular year. This means you can use and re-use it for as long as possible. No need to buy a new one at every turn of the year, although no one can stop you from starting a collection of these beautiful and functional perpetual calendars.

Versatile pieces 

The wooden calendars serve more than one purpose. It not only works as a decorative calendar, but also as a paperweight and a display feature. They won’t get blown away, but help keep paper on the table when the wind blows. Their decorative design and intricate details also make them worthy of a spot on your desk or display case.

So this Christmas season, give the gift of a “new day” every day with our Balinese wooden calendars. Decorative pieces that cost less, but priceless in purpose.

Calendars serve as a reminder of the cycles of life – birthdays, holidays, special occasions, etc. Might as well remember it with flair, right?


Traditional Wood Carving Techniques

One of the most astounding aspects of the world around us is the way that we embrace so many unique cultures and traditions across the world. In Korea, a huge tradition is that of engraving – especially wood. Traditional Korean craftsmen were known as the “gakajang” and were a renowned collection of artisans who engraved letters and pictures onto wooden plates.

One of the few remaining gakajang today, Kim Gak-Han, has worked with a variety of different wooden items throughout his life – from cabinet and shelving to ancient texts. Having carried on the traditions of those who came before him, Kim’s work was recently included in a series of Confucian printing woodblocks.

These were recommended by the Korean government to be included in the UNESCO Memory of the World Register.

The Confucian technique itself follows a rigid structure – using a carving knife at a 45-degree angle, the message is then created by a Joseon craftsman. It’s known as the “basic” angle throughout Korean architecture and art. This angle is commonly found on both a hanbok’s sleeves and a hanok’s eaves. This is a traditional Korean garment, as well as a traditional Korean building.

While in Japan they hold their knives at a 90-degree angle, in Korean culture art is crafted at the 45-degree range instead. The change in angle makes the Korean art more effective at creating lines with their sculptures, even allowing for circle carvings which are far more difficult to do in Japanese art. The actual differences between Korean, Asian and Japanese calligraphy can be quite nuanced to Western audiences, but to those from these respective countries the differences are fairly stark.

At the height of their artistic prominence, the Confucian Carvings were extremely expensive to make. They were typically used to create long-term homes for wisdom and scholarly writings, as well as poetry. Due to the expertise required to do the job properly, the expense of a Confucian carving at their height would have been roughly the equivalent of that of a male servant!

Today, though, the art has returned to its Buddhist roots. The remaining gakajang either work with the Buddhist temples to make scriptures, or teach sculpting classes whilst making ornaments on the side.

Kim himself struggled for many years due to the lack of expense in the industry, and early in his life he worked as a joiner’s assistant before touring to an Oh Ok-Jin tournament. Ok-Jin was a renowned sculpture and held regular exhibitions. Kim chanced upon the event as he was in the capital of Seoul getting treatment for breaking both of his ankles.

His limited mobility made him think about what he might do if he would never walk again, and the idea of sculpting immediately appealed. He came across the famous Suseonjeondo, a drawing of Seoul by the famous cartographer Kim Jeong-Ho in the mid-1840s. It was to be this stunning piece that changed his entire perspective on art, and he then became a student of Ok-Jin. His experience as a joiner now paid off, as he caught up with his classmates quickly.

He has since gone on to learn more about the subject through studying a Tripitaka Koreana. This 800-year-old set of Buddhist scriptures is engraved across more than 80,000 different woodblocks. Additionally, his studies have taken in Joseon woodblocks that were used to print the writings of Yi Hwang, one of the most prominent Confucian scholars of the entire Josean era.

As one of the last true artisans of his kind, Kim spends time lecturing at universities about traditional calligraphy and engraving, visiting various parts of the nation to help keep one of the proudest Korean traditions alive. Some of his key works include replicas of the Confucian and Buddhist woodblocks, including the Jijki, for restoration and research purposes. His craft may be one that less people know about than a few years ago, but it’s certainly something that Kim helps to keep alive and well through his various teaching sessions!

Still in search for a successor in the long-term, Kim believes that his teaching time is because of this search. He wants to find someone with a deep interest in calligraphy, the same interest that drew him to the subject in the first place. Because of the lack of earning potential in a career in this kind of lifestyle, many young people are put off by the prospect of taking on calligraphy as a long-term vocation, rather than just a nice hobby that they enjoy.

It’s something that perhaps we should lament, that there could be a loss of generation’s worth of teachings to society. These are some of the most important aspects of Korean history and culture, and to lose them due to a lack of financial gain would be a massive & complete irony.

Wood Carvings

Wood Carvings from Indonesia


Wood Carvings

Balinese Wood Carvings

order-1The art of wood carvings has always fascinated the mankind and dates back a few millennia. In this field of handicraft the artisans mould chunks of wood into majestic and the exquisite masterpieces.From common man to emperors wood carvings have been loved and placed in a higher position among other varieties of ornaments. As a leading online craft fair we take the pride in presenting you the trendiest pieces of exquisite wood craftsmanship to decorate your homes and offices with class. The best chunks of wood are processed before sculpting to ensure the longevity of the carvings. Scroll and feast your eyes through our elegant carvings made by our team of skilled artisans.

Perpetual Calendars

The elegant perpetual calendars that feature cute animals will always be the perfect gift for anybody during the Christmas season. Let the ambience of the season get mixed with the delicate calendar.Show your love and affection to your loved ones with one of these trendy wood carvings for an amazing price. Choose from an array of beauties that would sooth your eyes for the rest of the year.

Abstract Figures

One of the most sought after categories of our classy collection. The abstract figures that convey their devoted love to each other would be the perfect gift for your special someone as a souvenir of your precious love and care. Let the exquisite figures speak for your ardent love and passion on your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, his or her birthday.


Every home and office has its own aura of cosiness and beauty. Add a bit more class to your home or work place with these adorably fashionable ornaments that are been carved taking great care in adding every single detail. No matter what your age is, no one can resist falling in love with these wooden artefacts.

Wine Bottle Holders

Be the proud owner of one of the most majestic looking wine holders. The elegant carvings would add more glamour to your wine display within a few seconds. Be prepared to impress your guests with tantalizing wines that are been held in trendy wooden wine holders.

Money Boxes

Pig tills were a must have a few years back and the memories of your younger age where you collected coins in coin boxes would surely put a smile on your lips. Rekindle those beautiful memories everyday by getting hold of one of our exotic wooden money boxes.
Apart from the above wood carvings we do have business card holder, food bowls and many more products you would love to check upon. Come, visit our online fair and shop until you have everything you want.
Three cats

Balinese Wood Carving and Other Handicrafts

Bali is the land of artisans. There probably is no other place on earth who’s primary industry is handicrafts. Through the love of their fertile grounds and their devotion to their gods comes some of the best handmade items available. Just a few of these items are carvings – stone and wood, basket weavers, jewellery makers, and ceramic and terracotta crafters. Different villages are known for their unique handcrafted arts. If traveling to Bali is not on your agenda, below are a few of the items available for export. But for now, take a trip with me through Bali, and we will discover the treasures these talented natives have to offer.

Wood carving

Almost one hundred years ago, the people of Bali began a new type of wood carving that caters to tourists. This began in two areas, Mas and Sebatu, and those locations are still premier wood carving sites. Galleries are abundant in these areas for the sale of wooden products at prices anyone can afford. Some of the more popular wood carvings include wooden flowers, masks, boxes and nameplates, wind chimes, and many more items. We have a wide variety of Balinese wood carvings on this site. You might be interested in this abstract lovers figure, or Dolphin bottle holder, or maybe you just want to browse all wood carvings that we have.

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Stone carving

There is a village near Batubulan, Bali that is the mecca of Balinese stone carving. While the carvings may, at first glance, look like cast cement, they are actually hand carved out of soft, porous rock made from volcanic ash. One might find carvings of animals, sculptures and surprisingly, modern art.

Silver and Gold

Travel to another part of Bali to the village of Celuk to find gallery upon gallery of silver and goldsmiths. Whether you are looking for traditional Balinese silver ware or modern, contemporary designs, the artisans in Celuk use a process which involves attaching gold to the surface of silver to make gorgeous pieces.

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Other arts and crafts

Other areas of Bali can provide you with baskets, puppets, instruments, furniture and textiles just to name a few. Travel to the outlying islands to find various other treasures.

Java is known for leather works, Lombok for their large pots, other islands manufacture anything from bronze statutes to brass bowls. If shopping for quality handmade items is on your bucket list, you will fall in love with Bali and her sister islands.