Black Cat Myths Laid To Rest!


Black Cat Myths Laid To Rest!

According to the RSPCA, over 70 per cent of the cats in their care are black or black and white, not because they are unlucky but because black is actually the most common colour for a moggie – so if you’re thinking of adopting one this year, don’t be put off by their beautiful sable fur!

If you’re on the lookout for gifts for cat lovers for your friends and family, you might want to let them know that all the myths surrounding black cats – many of which can be traced back as far as medieval times – are in the main just massive old wives’ tales.


In fact, there is even a phenomenon known as Black Cat Syndrome (which also applies to dogs), so called because these animals are typically the last ones to be adopted and given a new forever home. Many people working in animal shelters believe that this is possibly down to the fact that it’s more difficult for people to read the facial expressions of black cats, coupled with the fact that there are all sorts of superstitions surrounding these gorgeous animals.

However, there’s a level of confusion about these superstitions. Some people think it’s lucky to have a black cat cross your path, other people think it’s the devil’s curse. Either way, black cats have earned a bad reputation for themselves over the years through no fault of their own – so why not try and get them back into people’s good books by shopping for black cat-related Christmas presents and handing them out to all your loved ones this year?