Spooky Halloween Candle Holders

From Mr Printables

If you want to create that haunted house feel or spooky garden path full of spider webs, bats flying around, ghosts crawling about but don’t actually fancy real spiders, blood thirsty bats or shivery ghosts – these flickering DIY Halloween candle holders will help create that perfect spooky and atmospheric decoration.

These candle wrappers are designed to wrap around a glass, using a t-light candle inside, or around a large diameter white pillar candle, never with any candle with an exposed flame. Of course please take care to keep the candles out of small children’s reach.

T-lights can sometimes crack a thin glass base so you may want to float the t-lights in a little water, great also for extra stability when used outside.

Simply print them on plain papers and wrap around your glasses and candles, they have vellum paper like effect when the candle’s lit and a great spooky flickering light, indoors or out!

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