Wall Tapestries for framing

One type of beautiful and elegant items found at upscale art and craft fairs are wall tapestries for framing. These textile beauties are woven on a loom and depict a scene, nature, geometric designs, and much, much more. They are dated as far back as the third century B.C. and are unsurpassed in adding beauty to any room. Lasting many generations, they have traditionally been hung on a rod, but it is becoming more common to find wall tapestries for framing. Gilded and neoclassical frames are good choices. Many artisans will have the tapestries already framed at craft and art fairs.

We have two types of Tapestries for Framing in our collection.

One collection is from a Russian manufacturer. Consisting of very original and refreshing machine made tapestries.

The other is 100% handmade and designed by Belarusian artisan Sergei Saltikov. Made with the author’s own and mixed techniques of weaving.

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