Sheila Hicks

Sheila Hicks at London’s Hayward Gallery

From: Crafts Council

In something of a coup, artworks of Sheila Hicks will be the first ever to be housed in Dan Graham’s Waterloo Sunset Pavilion, a steel and glass space, built in 2002, that sits atop the gallery overlooking Waterloo Bridge. The Paris-based artist will fill the space with her textile forms, described by curator Dominik Czechowski as ‘bundles of full colour’.

Foray into Chromatic Zones will invite interaction, allowing visitors to feel what is sure to be a very tactile display. Beyond the installation, there will be smaller pieces such as examples of Hicks’s Minimes, small weavings made on a handloom with which she travels, as well as photography and archive of her most celebrated projects including panels from her monumental New York Ford Foundation tapestries, first realised in 1967, and re-created last year.

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