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Sewing Bee Star Launches New Book

Sewing Concept Background With Floral PincushionDid you watch the last series of The Great British Sewing Bee? Wasn’t it brilliant? We’re certain that it inspired so many of you to go out and buy tapestries, needles, thread and all other bits of sewing paraphernalia to get yourself started with some serious creativity.

If that sounds like a familiar story to you, then you’ll definitely want to get your mitts on Sew Fabulous (coming out on August 28th), the first book from Sewing Bee star Stuart Hillard, which covers all sorts of different projects from bags, cushions and throws to window treatments.

Whatever you want to try your hand at, you’re sure to find it in this worthy tome. “I love to sew for the home, where you can have a lot of impact quickly. And it’s very straightforward, not like clothes,” Stuard said, speaking to the Western Daily Press.

He’s not the only Sewing Bee contender to have done well following the show either, with the brilliant Tilly Walnes – who put up a worthy fight in the first series – bringing out her first book this year as well.

Love at First Stitch is proving to be one of the most popular craft books of the year so far and if you’re interested in making your own clothes, it’s definitely the purchase for you. Tilly’s definitely got a bit of a 50s kind of style about her so a lot of the patterns are along those lines, but there’s something for everyone inside so make sure you bag a copy as soon as you can.

Extreme Quilting With Ben Venom

buy tapestriesWhen you think quilts, your mind probably turns to little old ladies in their craft rooms at home, stitching pink, yellow and blue squares together in front of the fire. What you probably don’t think of immediately is a hot-blooded American male sewing up old heavy metal T-shirts to make gigantic bedspreads.

But that’s exactly what Ben Venom does for a living, exhibiting his extreme quilts (which are absolutely massive, typically rather too large for a double bed) around the world. He’s been everywhere, from Denmark and Ireland to Germany and all over the US, and will definitely inspire you to get quilting this year!

The imagery of his quilts is a little dark so not for the faint of heart (think the occult, vintage tattoos and motorcycle gang motifs), but they’re put together in such a beautiful way that they have serious mass appeal. Ben Venom’s work may be more suited to hanging in a gallery rather than covering your bed at home, but his quilts could be just the inspiration you’re looking for to invest in something similar yourself… or even get the sewing machine out to have a go at quilting as well!

As crafts go, quilting probably isn’t the easiest one to try and pick up if you’ve never made anything yourself, so buying one for your bed is likely to be the better option if you can’t go another day without having a brand new bedspread. Just have a little look around to see if there are any designers whose style you particularly like – you’ll definitely be able to find a quilt that suits your bedroom décor.

Do you want to see heavy metal quilts in our online store? If yes, please let us know. Until then, have a little look at the similar items we have got and maybe buy tapestries for your home.

Wall Tapestries: The Perfect Present

When on the lookout for that perfect gift for a loved one, you’re sure to enjoy present-giving success if you buy tapestries for that special someone in your life. These beautiful textiles look lovely in any home and come in a wide variety of styles so you’re sure to find one that suits the person you’re shopping for.

buy tapestries

What’s more, these tapestries can be handed down from generation to generation so you’ll be giving someone a present that lasts for a lifetime and gives a lot of joy to a huge number of people. You can buy ones that depict a scene in nature or go for something with a more contemporary geometric design, so no matter what taste your recipient has there will be that perfect tapestry just for them.

Of course, you don’t have to buy these products as a present and if you’re keen to find something truly unique for your own home, such tapestries would be a brilliant choice. No matter what interior design choices you’ve made at home, there will be a tapestry perfectly suited to your decor so have a little look to see what you can find. We guarantee that you’ll come across a tapestry that you love and just have to take home with you immediately.

There’s nothing quite like finding the perfect present for yourself or for someone else, particularly when it’s handcrafted and completely unique. Compliments are guaranteed to come rolling in, so if you’d like to give your home or that of your friend’s an elegant and beautiful touch this year, why not invest in a gorgeous tapestry?