Gemstone Jewellery

There is not an art or craft fair that does not have unique pieces of jewellery. Many of these include a gemstone. There is something absolutely wonderful about a gemstone and the vibrant color it portrays. Most artisans at fairs make some truly unique and incredible designs to showcase the vivid color of a gemstone. Some of the most stunning gems found in the designs are mother of pearl, agate white, tiger eye, chrysoprase, carnelian and jasper.

A brief description of each of these gems:

Mother of pearl – a composite material produces by molluscs. It is strong and iridescent.
Tiger eye – a metamorphic rock that is a lustrous golden to red-brown in color.
Chrysoprase – a form of silica that contains small amounts of nickel. It is apple-green to deep green in color.
Carnelian – a brownish-red mineral
Jasper – a form of chalcedony, it is usually red, brown, yellow or green in color.
Agate white – a pale white to tan earthstone

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